Trip for Tesla

Plan your trip for your Tesla

Check On Superchargers Nearby

See, where all the Superchargers are, even if you aren't in your Tesla. Sitting in a café planning your next trip.

Be Specific Or Rough

Trip for Tesla helps you to estimate your travel route and time. No matter if you're just curious how long it would take to drive to a certain city – or your hotel is already booked.

Scenic Route?

Trip for Tesla knows which way to go without range anxiety. It leads you the way and estimates your total travel time. Including charging stops.

Plan Ahead

To fix your travel plans, simply add a name and put the appointment directly into your calender. Your Tesla will know where to go, when the starting time arrives.

Set All Specifics

Choose which Tesla model you own, so Trip for Tesla can calculate how many charging stops you'll have.


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